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Benchmark Study on Reinsurers’ Financial Communication

Reinsurance, also known as the “ insurers’ insurance ”, plays a key role in the global market economy today. Several factors, such as the strengthening of capital requirements, the increasing level of significant NAT CAT events or the need for optimal coverage is increasing the need for reinsurance.

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European Insurers' IFRS 9 Benchmark Study

The new standard IFRS 9 on financial instruments has been effective starting 1st January 2018 for most entities but insurance groups have the possibility to defer its application to 2021, the year when the new standard IFRS 17 on insurance contracts will enter into force.

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IFRS 15: The 10 key points for industrial entities with long-term contracts

In September 2014, Mazars created in France the Long Term Contracts Club to enable stakeholders in project-driven industries to get together to discuss the practical impacts of the new IFRS 15 standard on their activities.

The Club sessions gave everyone an opportunity, with the aid of case studies, to analyse the new standard, to compare it with existing practices in their sector and to benchmark their practices against those of other stakeholders.

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IFRS 15: An overview of the new principles of revenue recognition

In May 2014, the IASB published IFRS 15, Revenue from Contracts with Customers. Simultaneously, the FASB published ASU 2014-09 (Topic 606). These two broadly identical texts represent the culmination of the Boards’ work on a major joint project that has taken many years to complete.

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IFRS 13 “Fair Value Measurement”- Key points in 40 Q&A

The accounting standard IFRS 13 “Fair value measurement” was published in May 2011. It represents the outcome of six years of IASB discussions, largely conducted jointly with the FASB.

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IFRS 10 "Consolidated Financial Statements" - Key points in 40 Q&A

IFRS 10, which was published in May 2011, introduces a single definition of control and replaces the portion of IAS 27 which related to consolidated financial statements, as well as the SIC 12 interpretation on special purpose entities.

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Mar 2010 - HKFRS for Private Entities Technical Bulletin

HKFRS for Private Entities the new accounting Standard, that is likely to affect the future of HK GAAP.

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IFRS conversion for Entities in Asia Pacific brochure

Our IFRS Team comprises of Partners and Senior staff members specialising in IFRS and located in offices around the world in Asia Pacific, Europe, South Africa, and the USA.

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